Primrose by Laundry Basket Quilts

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Color: Brass
Pattern: Morning Ray


Color: Fern
Pattern: Morning Ray


Color: Blush
Pattern: Rose Garden


Color: Linen
Pattern: Rose Garden


Color: Peat Moss
Pattern: Rose Garden


Color: Patina
Pattern: Rose Garden


Color: Rose
Pattern: Paisley


Color: Ochre
Pattern: Paisley


Color: Paisley
Pattern: Teal


Color: Parchment
Pattern: Berry Branch


Color: Scarlet
Pattern: Botanical Beauty


Color: Coffee
Pattern: Botanical Beauty


Color: Pacific
Pattern: Botanical Beauty


Color: Spanish Moss
Pattern: Botanical Beauty


Color: Lace
Pattern: Blueberry Bush


Color: Cocoa
Pattern: Blueberry Bush


Color: Ice
Pattern: Blueberry Bush


Color: Princess
Pattern: Tiny Tulips


Color: Ruby
Pattern: Medallion


Color: Petal
Pattern: Starflower


Color: Atlantic
Pattern: Starflower


Color: Old Gold
Pattern: Starflower


Color: Orchid
Pattern: Stripe Amaryllis


Color: Vintage
Pattern: Dahlia


Color: Agean
Pattern: Dahlia


Color: Deep Ochre
Pattern: Wildflower


Color: Deep Teal
Pattern: Trail Mix


Color: Rouge
Pattern: Petit Bloom


Color: Sky
Pattern: Petit Bloom


Color: Cerulean
Pattern: Hoop


Color: Robin Egg
Pattern: Cameo


Color: Sierra
Pattern: Berries

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Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts

Edyta’s lifelong relationship with fabric began in Poland at a very young age, when she cut her mother’s drapes to design her first project. Fortunately, for all of us, Edyta's mother recognized her passion for fabric that would later unfold into a consummate gift.

One of Edyta’s dearest blessings is marriage to her husband Michael, and connection to the Sitar family quilting tradition. Both her mother-in-law, Carol, and grandmother-in-law, Anna, sat with Edyta over the quilt frame to teach her the ins and outs of quilting, and the ups and downs of life. With the help of two generations of Sitar women, Edyta found her confidence in this cottage craft, not only as a boundless creative outlet, but also as a means to filter her passion.

In observing the beauty of things around her, experiencing the thrills and challenges of being a woman, and reflecting profoundly on the human condition, Edyta expresses her existence through quilts. “My children and my husband are my greatest motivation,” she says. “This is a Cinderella dream for me. Being able to do what I love and share this love with others is the greatest feeling and reward I could ever imagine!"

Edyta’s intuitive feel for fabric, keen eye for color, and family teachings all contribute to her amazing quilts and natural evolution to pattern and fabric designing. Now working as owner and co-founder of Laundry Basket Quilts (, Edyta has created over 600 quilt patterns, published 18 books, designed beautiful fabrics with Moda and Andover, threads with Aurifil, stencils, templates, and ready-to-applique, fusible, laser-cut fabric shapes, ideal for quilting and handwork.

Edyta has documented her quilting stories in her 2011 book Reasons for Quilts. She has been published in national magazines, books and has been featured on The Quilt Show. She spreads her quilter’s spirit through ongoing workshops, presentations, and classes, including AQS (American Quilters Society) and her YouTube channel.  Edyta’s quilts exhibit all over the world at international shows and museums, including a display at the National Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska as well as an exhibit in France. She also has one of her quilts “Common Bride” cataloged at the Library of Congress.  

She enjoys beach living and gardening in California with her husband Michael and their three children. Edyta connects with quilters everywhere through inspiring stories about the quilts she makes.

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