Available: Now


Color: Cherry
Pattern: Polaris


Color: Tangerine
Pattern: String Theory


Color: Canary
Pattern: Petri


Color: Citron
Pattern: Redux


Color: Seaglass
Pattern: Terra


Color: Algae
Pattern: Petri


Color: Nonno
Pattern: Interconnection


Color: Galapagos
Pattern: Terra


Color: Calypso
Pattern: Polaris


Color: Cerulean
Pattern: Redux


Color: Viola
Pattern: Hyperbolic


Color: Cosmos
Pattern: Terra


Color: Midnight
Pattern: String Theory


Color: Space
Pattern: Hyperbolic


Color: Shale
Pattern: Interconnection


Color: Shark Skin
Pattern: Redux


Color: Parchment
Pattern: String Theory


Color: Overlook
Pattern: Hyperbolic

Quilt Patterns Available for the Redux collection.

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Type: Free

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The entire collection is available in a single Zip file.
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Download the kitting instructions for the collection.

These kitting instructions are primarily of use to fabric stores, not to end users.
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Giucy Giuce

Giuseppe Ribaudo (AKA Giucy Giuce) learned to sew from his grandmother at a young age. In 2008 he began quilting and has never looked back. Not only a pattern designer and quilt instructor, he is also the multimedia manager here at Andover Fabrics.

Giuseppe resides just outside of NYC in Queens. He is an avid modern traditionalist quilter with a great passion for simple design in bright colors.

Instagram: @giucy_giuce


Other fabrics by Giucy Giuce:

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